Even though I’m hoping for something slightly different in my relationships, I like this article for two reasons. First, it reminds us all that we deserve to have our individual hopes and dreams in a relationship, that no one has the right to demand our surrender to their desires and life. Men in particular are often socialized to believe that their goals take priority in a relationship, and both women and men should stand up against this falsehood wherever it appears. But secondly, I also appreciate this article because this kind of relationship really works for some people. They don’t need that sappy rom-com devotion which is so fulfilling for some people and so stifling for others. So if this article connects with you, find someone who feels the same way and make it work!

As for me? Well, I’ll probably keep pining for someone who sees me as the most important person in their life *and* pursues their own goals and ambitions — here’s hoping that’s not just a fantasy!

“I do not understand one thing in this world. Not one.” — Marilynne Robinson, ‘Gilead’

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